Planning for your future includes planning for retirement. Annuities are one of the best vehicles to make sure your retirement funds will be there when you are ready.

Annuities offer you the flexibility of the market, compounding your gains or returns with fixed rates and guarantees of principal. Select Insurance & Financial Services directs clients to look at two types Annuities, Fixed Annuities and Indexed Annuities.

Fixed Annuities allow you to obtain a fixed rate of return on your investment, while your investment must remain in place for a designated amount of time. However your returns are tax deferred and there is no penalty for a withdrawal of up to 10 percent of the investment. Indexed annuities allow you to see significant returns during bull markets. And you are protected against declining markets by a guaranteed base rate. Again all returns are tax deferred and withdrawals of up to 10 percent (per year) are penalty free.

Whether you want the guarantee of a higher fixed rate or the opportunity of higher returns in an expanding market, Select Insurance & Financial Services will help you pick the right plan for you. Plus returns can help offset  the costs of long-term health care plans, another important component of proper planning for your retirement and the future.